December 29, 2017

>> pasta

>> sausage

>> spinach

done in 15 minutes

>> watch your portions!

December 28, 2017

>> i went out to lunch with a friend

i ordered a salad

>> she ordered this


December 23, 2017

wrapping presents calls for holiday martinis

December 19, 2017

>> always trying new recipes

>> healthy carrot cake

December 15, 2017

i decided to make something different for the holidays this year (baking cookies is a fun tradition but im over it)

so i made bourbon cherries!

>> successful and delicious

-soak cherries in bourbon for 30 minutes

-dry off cherries completely

-melt white chocolate

-dip in...

December 14, 2017

another awesome photo submission from an IG follower

>> healthy way to start the day

December 12, 2017

you have to treat yourself sometimes

>> everything in moderation

(( dont worry, i only had one ))

December 9, 2017

>> first real snow of the season = date night

December 6, 2017

frankie got off work early today so he decided to be creative and make penguin appetizers for us

>> mozz balls

>> olives

>> carrots 

i love this guy

December 4, 2017

>> i can honestly say that i'm looking forward to go home and eat healthy again

its amazing how horrible you feel from a few days of "cheating"

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