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more than just black water #nationalcoffeeday

wondering if your friend's social media "national coffee day" posts really mean anything? well, today, september 29 is actually national coffee day. if you're deciding to stop at your local starbucks to honor the day, you should know that coffee is more than just black water. it actually does have some health benefits.

coffee can give you energy and make you less tired (therefore you will be able to concentrate better at work or school) - coffee can help boost your metabolism. studies show that it can actually boost your metabolic rate 3-10%. - there are vitamins found in coffee (such vitamin B2, vitamin B5, magnesium and niacin. - finally coffee, has been shown to reduce the risk of various disease such as dementia, parkinsons disease, some types of cancer, cardiovascular disease and depression. interesting, huh?!

so grab a cup of coffee today. join the instagram posts & enjoy....

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