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fitbit take 2

my new fitbit arrived today and i'm EXCiTED! i've seen all the articles which explain why fitbit's steps/calories are inaccurate (and no i have not conducted my own research study) but i can attest that on a personal level, the fitbit has helped keep me on track.

i ordered the fitbit charge in april 2015. I absolutely loved it but it broke THREE times! every time i contacted the company they sent me a new one (no questions asked) so eventually i decided to order the alta.

i love keeping track of my steps, calories in vs calories out, distance, etc, etc. there are days (especially on the weekends) when i feel like being lazy but when i see i've only walked 1 mile, i'm motivated to MOVE! i highly recommend the fitbit or any other type of fitness tracker. give it a try!

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